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This pool is currently in maintenance mode.

We are fixing issues with wallet version 1.4 ... this (old) pool is in maintenance mode until further notice!

Upgrade to new pool software coming!, posted May 25, 2016 at 19:09 by chris

As we are having serious issues with the new wallet version in combination with our (old) pool / stratum software, we have decided to change our pool to current software products.

If you want to take part in the pre-beta test, please configure your miners as follows:

  • stratum+tcp://coinz.at:3454
  • username: [your DEM wallet address]
  • password: [anything]

This new setup will provide:

  • Payment every 10 minutes, above 5 DEM
  • VarDiff from 8 up to 2048

The GUI is not finished yet, but you can preview it at http://coinz.at:81


If you have miners currently pointed to coinz.at, update the settings (see above) as soon as possible to get your shares paid out!

Please stay tuned for further information.